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Posts for: November, 2014

By City of Lights Dental, PC
November 12, 2014
Category: Oral Health

Lots of people collect Beatles memorabilia, but one Canadian dentist took this hobby to new heights recently when he paid $31,200 for John Lennon's molar at auction. According to published reports, Lennon had given the extracted tooth to his housekeeper as a souvenir in the 1960s after coming home from the dentist's office. The molar was discolored and had a cavity, according to the dentist who purchased it after the housekeeper's family put it up for bids. “For the cavity to be this large he probably wasn't seeing a dentist that regularly,” the dentist said. His brushing and flossing routine may not have been that conscientious either!

For healthy teeth, it's important to have a good daily oral hygiene routine at home and regular professional cleanings here at the office. Our hygienist will scale your teeth to remove hard deposits (tartar), and polish them to remove stains for a wonderful, extra-clean feeling.

Dental hygienists are trained to do lots of other things to promote your oral health besides cleaning your teeth. They can check the skin in and around your mouth looking for any suspicious bumps, sores, etc., that may need further evaluation. They will also evaluate your periodontal health (“peri” – around; “odont” – tooth), checking for signs of gum inflammation and bleeding (gingivitis). And they monitor teeth for signs of decay, which is actually the world's most widespread disease.

Cavities, or dental caries as it is also known, are the most notable consequences of tooth decay. Left untreated, caries can lead to pain and tooth loss. John Lennon's dentist must have believed there was nothing more to be done for the badly decayed molar that later went on to fetch such a high price.

Unless you're a rock star, your teeth are worth a lot more in a healthy and functioning state — inside your mouth! So if it's been a while since your last appointment, please come in and see us. Remember: Good dental health is priceless.

If you would like more information on tooth decay, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article, “Tooth Decay.” Dear Doctor also has more on the “Dental Hygiene Visit.”

From the desk of Dr. Julie.

So on a personal note in my musings about the naming of our new practice, I love that my Dad grew up in Aurora and practiced his dentistry here for 64 years.

I love that he married a girl from Chicago, Helen Cornille, and once she came to Aurora, she never wanted to leave.

I love that I am able to continue the tradition of excellence begun by my father, and carried out to this day by my long-time friend, mentor and colleague, Dr. RIchard Bertoglio.  

So please stop in and visit us.  Our Waiting room is adorned with historical, beautiful photos of the City of Lights.

Meet our wonderful, friendly staff, especially my office manager, my sister, Stephanie Kartheiser.  She is an excellent resource for any questions you may have.

We are happy to serve you and look forward to many, many years of dental excellence and a professional dental relationship.  Our relationship is not only with your teeth, it is with you, and your family.

65 Years Combined Experience; 40 Years in the same location. 

Hope to see you soon. 

Stay tuned for more musings from Dr. Julie.