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October 02, 2014
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Dr. J here again.

So now you know how we got our name.

I am one of those people whose eyes light up if you mention places of the past.  Sledding or skating at Phillips Park, Northgate Shopping Center, Big Boy Restaurant, Carson's downtown, Sencenbaughs, the old St. Joseph Hospital, the old Copley on the east side on Lincoln Ave., Pigeon Hill, Big Woods, The Tivoli, The isle, The Paramount...  you get the picture.  I am one of those people who can spend hours in the Tanner House or the Aurora Historical Society.  

Aurora has a rich and varied past.

But I am not stuck in the past.  I love that Aurora is as beautiful and vibrant today as it was in the past.  I love that Aurora embraces and has welcomed so many differnt Cultures, Ethnicities and Religions.  How many cities can boast it offers eight different wonderful High Schools, both public and private and a world-class University.

How many cities can boast it is a gorgeous river town surrounded by other beautiful cities to the North and South?

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