City of Lights Dental

Aurora Dental Arts Building             
1940 West Galena Boulevard Suite 11
Aurora, IL 60506

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Dr. J here.  

The name for my new Dental practice "City of Lights Dental" came to me at 2:00 in the morning.  It was during one of those sleepless nights. The kind when you are so excited and have a surge of adrenaline.  I knew I was on a mission to name my newly purchased practice something special.  Something very Aurora.

I did a Google search of Aurora and there it was Aurora's nickname "City of Lights".

I read further and discovered that in 1881 the City of Aurora gained the distinction of being one of the first American cities to install street lights. This fact in conjunction with other meanings of "Aurora", caused the city to get it's nickname:  City of Lights

The nickname took hold and was later adopted as the city's official motto in 1980.

"That's it!"  "I love it!"  I thought to myself.

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